British Film Producer - John Williams

About Me

I am an award winning film maker from Stoke on Trent, UK.

After starting out in 2014 with the micro budget but well received and award winning film The Mothertown, I went on to write, produce and direct The Slayers. The slayers went on to be shown at several film festivals worldwide, including The Bram Stokers film festival in the UK, where it won the audience award for the best film.

Fast forward to 2016 where I have undertaken my most ambitious project to date, my 3rd feature film called Crispy’s Curse. Details on this and all of my films can be found elsewhere on the site.

I am self taught on most aspects of film making, something that was essential during the making of my first film The Mothertown, which with my drive and passion, I was able to make this happen, bringing me where I am today. Alongside all of this, I enjoy collaborating with others as well directing music videos and showreels, using my creativity in story telling to good effect.